Check out some of our most frequently asked questions below. If you have additional questions or support inquiries please contact us at Colorsupport@stayhealthy.com

What does this app do?

Stayhealthy’s patented pending Body Fact Index (BFI) is the scientific foundation that is allowing the company to achieve the first half of its core strategy which is to measure and track personal behaviors. The addition of augmented reality provides the key to unlocking the second part of this strategy which is education and engagement that leads to positive change and wellness. The BFI app is a key measurement tool delivered via mobile phones  to add value to users’ lives when used on a regular basis.

Why is it useful?

The app proves with clinically validated facts and augmented reality technology that empowerment, education and the biometrics which define BFI (Body Fact Index) are a much needed and welcome change in delivering personalized healthcare directly to users.

How do I update my weight/waist?

You can update any of your personal information in your Profile, the button in the top-left corner. You should update your weight and waist as frequently as possible, as well as any other parameters that may have changed over time, to keep your body fat % accurate and up to date. For a quick shortcut to updating weight, you can also update it in the “BFI” tab (the second tab) by tapping the “Edit” button next to your displayed weight at the top of the screen

Change where do I update my numbers?

Any time you update your personal information (weight, waist, height, fitness profile, etc.) your body fat number will automatically re-calculate in real-time. So all you have to do is update your personal info to keep your body fat % numbers up to date. Your body fat % history can be viewed in the graphs.

How do I set (or update) my body fat goal?

To update your body fat goal, simply tap the grey Progress Ring button in the top left section of the Overview screen, next to your body fat % and lean mass % numbers (it may be a green button if you skipped this step during the onboarding process). That will re-direct you to a page that will help you set a new body fat % (and weight) goal.

Why are there only 3 activities to track?

Currently there are only 3 activities to choose from for tracking as each of our activities requires extensive research and testing to ensure your calorie calculations are accurate. Unlike other apps that just give you an inaccurate “guess-timate”, we use proprietary, customized equations using accelerometer data and your personal attributes (e.g. weight) to give you the most accurate number. We are working on adding more activities to track which will be coming soon – stay tuned!

Can I connect my Fitbit or other device with the activity tracker?

Since Fitbit and other wearables are not very accurate when it comes to calorie burn and steps count, we do not currently allow users to connect external devices to the BFI app. We are dedicated to giving you the most accurate metrics possible and cannot ensure the accuracy of 3rd-party applications.

How does the rewards program work? How do I win prizes?

By simply having the BFI app installed and having an active account with access to the Prizes page (a Premium feature), you are qualified to win a prize. Prizes are given out each month to randomly selected winners, and winners will be emailed if they have won to provide a mailing address for shipment. New prizes are added each month to the platform as well.

How do I scan surfaces to place the augmented reality images?

In order to use the augmented reality portion of the app, you need to have a device and software version that is compatible with ARCore/ARKit. You will also need a fairly flat surface. To scan the surface, point your phone camera to a flat surface. Slowly start moving your phone around in a circular motion, so the phone can detect the flat surface – it may take a few seconds. Once a flat surface has been detected, you will be prompted to “Tap to Place” – when this occurs, simply tap anywhere on the flat surface, and that will start the augmented reality experience. You can increase/decrease the size of the organs by pinching with two fingers, as well as rotate the organs be swiping horizontally.